How Does avecSys Deliver Value To You or Don’t Become an Extinct Dinosaur

Over the past 50 years the pace of technology evolution has been accelerating. How we work and interact with one another today bears little resemblance to that just 20 years ago when there were few mobiles phones, a nascent internet, no world wide web or email. New technology has destroyed industries and companies whilst also creating new ones. Don’t expect this to change any time soon. The way we do business will continue to change, I guarantee that. The question is how and in what way will it affect your business?

avecSys is no ordinary IT support company because we stay up-to-date with the changing technology landscape. We love learning new things and seeing how it can improve the way we and our customers do business. We are constantly evolving our solutions to ensure your business can take advantage of these changes.

If you are fearful of changes in IT then you need to reverse your thinking. Be excited about how technology can give you that competitive advantage allowing your company to operative more cost efficiently while delivering an improved service to your customers.

If you don’t think you are taking advantage of all that new technology has to offer then have a conversation with avecSys.

Welcome to the 21st Century!

Office365 – Hosted Exchange

Why spend money every year on keeping your existing hardware and software up-to-date when you can move your emails to the cloud and let someone else worry about all that?!

We offer hosted email solution provided by Microsoft which gives you: 99.9% up-time, 25GB space, automatic backup, ability to view attachments and access to emails anywhere in the world.

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Computer Networks

Quite simply, you should be able to take a good computer network for granted. It should be fast, reliable and secure and actively make a difference to the efficiency and productivity of your business.

Whatever size and nature of your business, we can design and install the right computer network solution for you...

Cloud Managed Wireless

Investing a lot of money in complex and costly on-site wireless controllers is a thing of the past, thanks to Cisco Meraki.

Meraki offer wireless APs, switches, firewalls and routers, all managed via the cloud. This means that your business can save money on additional costs maintaining your Wi-Fi infrastructure. Simple

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Integrated IT

Telecommunication systems are becoming increasingly more sophisticated - no longer does a phone necessarily have to be just a phone.

The complete, unified communications system, where voice, email, text, conferencing, and video are all brought together is becoming ever more popular among small to large sized enterprises looking for enhanced user experience, a higher level of convenience and increased efficiency...

Intelligent WAN

Data networks are critical to an organization’s viability and productivity. Online workforce-enablement tools are beneficial only if the data network provides reliable access to information resources. The number of users and locations in an organization can vary dramatically as an organization grows and adapts to changes in business activity. Providing a consistent user experience when users connect to the network increases their productivity. Whether users are sitting in an office at headquarters or working from a remote site, they require transparent access to the applications and files in order to perform their jobs. Read more..

Web design & Hosting

Whether you're looking for a small website to give your business online presence, something more dynamic for use as an active marketing channel or a fully fledged eCommerce solution, we can design and build the most appropriate solution to suit your requirements.

Combining the skills of our designers and developers we can provide.

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