IT Support for Schools 

We offer a comprehensive range of IT support services for primary and secondary schools in Bedford, Northampton and Milton Keynes. With a team of highly skilled IT engineers, we provide fully managed IT services to schools who either outsource their IT; or we provide support for in-house IT departments.

Our Support Services

IT Support

We offer responsive IT Support packages that are aligned to the education sector, using trained and experienced technicians to manage your on-going maintenance.  All of our services include unlimited remote and telephone support as standard, with on-site support. Working with the latest tools and technology to provide a professional, efficient and reliable approach

ICT Procurement

We have access to wide variety of vendors and suppliers to meet your procurement needs. Whether that be a new PC, interactive whiteboard or iPad, we can find the right solution that works with your budgets and end user needs.  We plan, design and install everything with our in-house service engineers, nothing is left unturned.


avecSys have a team of expert technicians on-hand to deal with any support related queries via remote access or telephone support. With an average response time of 2 minutes to answer, log and initiate support, our helpdesk professionals are well equipped to support your school.

Wireless Surveys

avecSys provide full wireless surveys and WiFi installation services with our in-house wireless experts for the education sector. We understand the importance of having a robust, resilient and scalable WiFi network infrastructure to support the increasing need to connect multiple devices all at once.

Network Installations

avecSys have extensive experience installing network infrastructures, whether designing, planning and installing new build projects, expanding existing networks or fault finding and repairing single data points, we have a in-house team that can complete the project efficiently and on budget.


We understand the importance of having fast, reliable and secure broadband services, thats why we make sure that we secure the best solutions that works for your school environment. Whether that be fibre or leased-lines, working with tight firewall controls, we have the right skill set to provide a secure network thats right for your school.

Backup Solutions

Our backup and school continuity solutions can be tailored to suit all kinds of needs – whether you’re a singe backup for a central server or multiple systems, we can help you find the right solution, you can be rest assured that your important information is safe.


School technology is just as important as the subject itself, that why we include regular meetings with your appointed representative in school to ensure that all the technologies are in-place to support your future learning objectives.  We also discuss new technologies and system improvements that can help shape a better future.

Office 365 Support

avecSys have a team of skilled engineers that specialise in Microsoft Office 365 applications, we deliver multiple site setups, migrations and assist with user setup and control measure to ensure that everyones connected safely and securely on multiple platforms.


Unlimited Remote Support

On-Site Support Included

Agreed Service Level Agreements (SLA)


Proactive Server Monitoring

Patch Management

IT Security Recommendations


Assigned Technical Account Manager

Termtime System Checks

Complete Project Management

A full spectrum of on-site and remote IT support services for primary and secondary schools across Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northampton and all surrounding areas.

We understand that teaching and learning is impacted when IT problems occur and how this causes incredible frustration when in the middle of a lesson, so it is important to have the right level of support and education IT services in place.

With a vast experience in wireless solutions, Sims, classroom IT hardware, remote backup and server infrastructures, we can quickly identify and resolve IT issues whilst minimising the impact to teaching. The installation of IT support for education large projects are arranged to take place out of school hours; this significantly reduces interruptions and any impact to students learning.

Operating within the financial constraints of the school, we provide bespoke education IT support packages that meet the needs of the school and also help you to meet your Ofsted objectives.

Research shows 93% of organisations who experience a significant data loss by failing to properly backup their information by putting a disaster recovery plan in place go out of business within 5 years. Failing to build a secure backup and disaster recovery strategy puts your data and school at serious risk because your information is the hardest asset you will ever have to replace.


We aim to provide a personal and unique support solution that is tailored to your educational needs. Our engineers and staff get to know your staff and become part of the team to make the whole process run smoothly. Our support extends to supporting all educational services across Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Buckinghamshire.

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