Sony Pictures hacked

sony hacked

Sony Pictures was the latest hack victim this week. On Monday, the hack had forced employees to shut down their computers and log out of Sony Pictures network, according to reports.

Sony Pictures, a film and TV company for the tech giants Sony, of Japan, was hacked at some point over the last 3 days by a group calling themselves #GOP, as sources say. The group claim to have hacked the network and obtained Sony Pictures’ “secrets”, and said it would release these to the public if their demands were not met. As of yet it is unclear what those demands are.

Sony is staying somewhat quiet over the incident, stating that they have an “IT matter”, and have so far refused to comment on these events.

As reported by Variety, Sony employees were asked on Monday to shut down computers and were told not to access any of the company’s network or emails, as well as disable WiFi on all mobile devices. It is unclear whether the hack is a potential threat to Sony Corp themselves, but so far, Sony Pictures Animation and Sony Music Entertainment have not been affected by the recent hack.

This is the latest in a string of embarrassing security breaches for Sony, as last week a hacker group going by the name of ‘DerpTrolling’, released thousands of what is thought to be users login details for the PlayStation Network, 2k Games and Windows live.

In August Sony’s PlayStation Network was subject to a DDoS attack which is a common technique used by hackers to overwhelm a network with traffic, causing its regular service to become temporarily unavailable. In 2011, a more severe attack on Sony’s PlayStation Network caused the company to shut down all activity for a month, due to the exposure of over 100 million user’s personal details.


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