Simple Gym WiFi Deployment

Cisco Solution for Simply Gym Bedford

Gym WiFi survey and Cisco deployment

The WiFi installation form avecSys has exceeded our expectations. Customers expect to stream music and videos whilst training, so having a reliable and fast solution was imperative. avecSys delivered in all aspects, they come highly recommended.

Andy Hastings – MD – Simply Gym

Simply Gym Bedford is one of the most popular gyms in the area. With 1000’s of members walking through the doors on a weekly basis, having a fast, reliable and secure WiFi network was paramount to the success of the gym.

The Requirement

The client required a solution that would provide even coverage throughout the main gym areas, easy but secure access for the returning guests and fast connection speeds. Our survey engineer conducted a full wireless survey using Ekahau WiFi planning tool, this allowed our engineer to create a detailed map of the gym and where to best position the wireless access points for maximum results. The decision was made to implement a Cisco solution at the site.


Utilising the reliability, performance and coverage of Cisco’s solution was the obvious choice for the this type of deployment. Having worked with many solution in the past, Cisco offers a powerful solution that can cope with the type of demands that it will receive.

The positions of the access points where key to providing enough coverage to the main and women only gym areas. By using the pre survey tool, we were able to accurately pin point the right areas to do so. Following the successful installation of the Cisco wireless access points, our engineer conducted a second post survey, using the Ekahau WiFi planning tool.



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