Professional Network Installation & Data Specialists

avecSys are experts in voice and data network installations, offering a range of comprehensive solutions from data, fibre, wireless networking, network hardware and more, fully designed and installed to match your exact business requirements.

We provide fast, effective and efficient network installations with minimal disruption to your business. avecSys use our own network infrastructure designers and installers, who provide a wealth of knowledge and industry knowledge to guarantee the highest levels of quality, availability and flexibility.

Bespoke network installations for your business

Our network installation team have over 19 years’ experience in providing bespoke commercial network installations, from full network design, install and testing along with system maintenance for all types of organisations and sizes.

Our services include:

  • Cat 5e, 6 and 6a cabling
  • Fibre Optic cabling
  • Structured data cabling installations
  • Telephony and Voice cabling
  • Networking switch installation and configuration
  • Router configuration and installation
  • IP Access Control
  • Installation and configuration of Firewalls
  • Local Area Networks
  • IP Telephony solutions
  • Multimedia installations
  • Bespoke Wireless Network design and installations

avecSys can supply and install solutions from a wide variety of vendors, using our expert design and installation team we can provide a truly bespoke network that fits with your budgets and timescales. To discuss this further, or book a FREE SITE survey to start planning your network installation contact us on 01234 866688

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Why choose avecSys for all of your network installation needs?

Site Surveys

avecSys offers site surveys and planning with one of our network managers free of charge*. We are able to provide a detailed proposal with full network design and additional considerations that fit your budget, they will also ensure that your system meets not just your immediate needs but is easily scalable for the growing demands of your business and integration with emerging technologies.

We will ensure a smooth project delivery from initial survey planning, design to installation and project handover.

*subject to distance

Request a Site Survey


Our team of installers are employed directly so we can ensure highest level of quality and service throughout, starting with the network project manager to design and plan the installation to your exact needs whilst considering the scalability for the growing demands of your business and integration with emerging technologies.

Whether you need a fully comprehensive network installation for your office and communication room or expansion to your existing network we will ensure that the project runs smoothly and to plan.


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30-day Warranty

Because we only use our own team of network installers we our confident in our work, so much so that we guarantee our network installation with a 30-day warranty.

In the unlikely event that there are issues with any part of the network installation we will troubleshot and fix any faulty part of the network, this also includes any hardware we supply which is covered by manufacturers warranty within the 30 day period as quickly as possible to minimise any downtime.

Network performance with avecSys

Your network infrastructure is the backbone to your business, there’s always room for optimisation. The business demands and day-to-day requirements always change as staff increases and new hardware is required or additional hosted phones, so its it’s important that your network infrastructure is prepared to support theses operational changes.

We provide a wide range of professional services to ensure that your business network is as efficient as possible. Our network engineers look at all types of scenarios from future network expansion based on your business growth, bandwidth performance issues or a problem with the physical layer of your network and the stress its put under from your business user demands. Even down to WiFi performance issues and coverage blind spots, we can help with all types of network enquiries.

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