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Development and support of legacy software

Are you one of the many companies that depend on software built using what is now considered legacy technology?

If the answer is yes, then you should consider talking to us at avecSys.  We have 25 years of software development experience which means nothing fazes us, whatever the technology that was used.  We can give new life to your software, fix those annoying bugs and even improve the functionality.


Simply give us a call and ask for Daren or drop us an email at [email protected].  We are looking forward to talking to you.

What is Legacy Software

Legacy software or application is an IT solution or service that uses old methods, technologies, computer systems, database management systems or application software that have been superseded.

There are plenty of companies that still continue to use and depend on Legacy based systems today, powering important applications in banking, travel and the public sector to name a few. Whilst there may not be any need to replace these systems, ongoing support is very much needed, and often minor enhancements and fixes can extend the life cycle.

Our Development and Support Services are ideal for organisations where:

  • It doesn’t make commercial sense to prematurely end the life of your existing legacy software you’re running.
  • Support for your legacy software has been withdrawn or no longer meets the required standard.
  • Your organisation faces new challenges that your legacy software can’t overcome.
  • Your existing software and applications are not appropriately integrated.

Legacy software are programs and applications that where developed in most cases to fill a particular business need,Companies spend a lot of money on software systems and, to get a return on that investment, the software must be usable for a number of years.

The lifetime of software systems is very variable but many large systems remain in use for more than 10 years. Some organisations still rely on software systems that are more than 20 years old. Many of these old systems are still business-critical. That is, the business relies on the services provided by the software and any failure of these services would have a serious effect on the day-to-day running of the business. These old systems have been given the name legacy systems. These legacy systems are not, of course, the systems that were originally delivered. External and internal factors, such as the state of the national and international economies, changing markets, changing laws, management changes and structural reorganisation, mean that businesses undergo continual change. These changes generate new or modified software requirements so all useful software systems inevitably change as the business changes. Therefore, legacy systems incorporate a large number of changes which have been made over many years. Businesses regularly replace their equipment and machinery with modern systems. However, scrapping legacy systems and replacing them with more modern software involves significant business risk.

Businesses which have a large number of legacy systems are faced with a fundamental dilemma. If they continue using the legacy systems and making changes as required, their costs will inevitably increase. If they decide to replace their legacy systems with new systems, this will be costly and the new systems may not provide as effective business support as the legacy systems. Consequently, many businesses are looking at avecSys to extend the lifetime of legacy systems which they very much depend on.


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