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Google is searching for 175 volunteers to take part in their quest to find the baseline to a healthy body. From the 175 volunteers, Google will take bodily samples in an effort to create their biochemical fingerprints and establish the baseline for a healthy body.

Google intends to use its powerful algorithms and analytics in a science project to unlock the mystery of what constitutes human health at a baseline level. Basically meaning, Google intends to seek out what state a person’s molecular chemistry before it recognizes a disease kicking in. To achieve this goal, Google intends to study the make up of volunteer subjects.

The study is to be run by Google X labs who will seek out the connections between traditional clinical observations of health, such as diet and nutrition — or habits, such as smoking and alcohol intake — with molecular- level change.

“Our body’s chemistry moves gradually along a continuum from a state of health to a state of disease, and we only have observable symptoms when we’re already far along that continuum,” states a memo Google prepared for the media.

The idea is to monitor changes in molecular-level’s before symptoms appear and provide treatment. That “could change how diseases are detected, treated or even prevented,” the memo says.

Recent developments like molecular measurement tools, lowered cost of advanced techniques such as DNA sequencing, greater access to software algorithms and processing power to analyse huge datasets in search of new connections between data have made the baseline study possible.


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