Court shuts down alleged PC tech support scam


A court has shut down a New York based tech support vendor, after the U.S. Federal Commission accused the company of scamming many computer users into paying hundreds of dollars for services they did not need and falsely claiming user’s computers were a security risk.

The FTC’s complaint against Pairsys, based in Albany, New York, also claimed that Pairsys was charging customers for software that was otherwise available for free elsewhere on the internet.

It is claimed that Pairsys would cold call computer users in the U.S. and other countries, claiming to be representatives of Facebook or Microsoft, and would talk they’re way into letting the company’s workers gain access remotely to diagnose any issues.

Pairsys would charge customers any between $149 to $249 to fix problems that were non-existent in the first place, to scam unwitting users, FTC alleged.

The company also purchased ad space to advertise deceptive on-line ads which claimed to be a genuine tech support company which deceptively led computer owners to believe they were making calls to legitimate companies, the FTC stated in its complaint.

Jessica Rich, director of FTC’s Bureau of Consumer Protection said in a statement, ” Pairsys and its operators targeted seniors and other vulnerable populations, preying on the lack of computer knowledge to sell ‘security’ software and programs that had no value at all. We look forward to getting consumers’ money back in their pockets”

The court issued a preliminary injunction against the company on Friday. The company have agreed to the injunction, which bars them from making any more misrepresentations on what company they represent or whether consumers have viruses or spyware on their computer. The order also bans them from deceptive telemarketing practises and from supplying their call lists to a third party. This injunction also requires their website and telephone numbers be shut down, and their assets frozen.

In the complaint, the FTC asks the court to permanently shut down the company and order its defendants to return all profits made from such deceptive practise.

We bring this to your attention because some of our avecSys customers have experienced similar phone calls, based in the UK. We strongly advise that anyone who receives such a call, to locate the telephone number and run searches to render them valid. Also further to this, you should report said companies to Action Fraud, to prevent these people from continuing in their pursuit of innocent people’s money.


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