Cortana Vs Siri

Siri is the world’s most advanced smartphone voice assistant….. Or is she? In the latest ad produced by Microsoft, promoting the Windows Phone assistant called Cortana. In the ad Cortana shows off her abilities and pits them against Siri.

First, the owner creates a “personal reminder” using Cortana, a type of reminder that’s tied to a specific person instead of a time or location. Next, Cortana creates a reminder tied to the user’s generic location — in this case, a flower shop — this then will push an alert when the user is close to a business that meets that description.

Cortana saves the best for last, though. An alert pops up syaing that, with traffic, the user needs to leave for his next appointment in five minutes.

The traffic alert illustrates the intellect of Cortana, of which makes her superior to other personal assistants. Cortana is aware of both your personal data ( your calender, contact list, etc.) and other external factors such as traffic, she can combine that knowledge and alert the user about unforeseen circumstances.

All-in-all the showdown between Siri and Cortana boils down to your own personal preference. If you prefer your assistant to be helpful and informative, then Cortana is your girl. But if you prefer a companion on lonely nights and would like a comical answer or two, then Siri is for you.



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