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I was recently asked to write a short article for Building, Design & Construction Magazine about how we have supported The Comserve Group with their IT. This is what I wrote.

The goal for any business must be to increase profits and AvecSys’ job is to support companies like The Comserve Group in using IT to succeed in meeting their goals.

AvecSys has been an important partner to The Comserve Group for over 12 years. Over that period there have been many advances in technology which has changed the way companies do business. AvecSys has been instrumental in enabling them to take full advantage of these advances as we have the depth and breadth of knowledge to ensure they stay at the leading edge of technology use. For The Comserve Group IT is about enhancing their business, to make it more productive, improve their customer service and ultimately increasing their profits.

The internet has rewritten the rules of how business is conducted. Any company that ignores the emergence of the internet does so at their peril. The challenge for any company, large or small, international or local, in whatever industry must be to use the internet to their advantage and provide them with a competitive edge. If they don’t then their competitors surely will.

The internet it is not just about having a static website and too much email. Instead the internet can be used to improve the way companies connect to their customers, their suppliers and even their employees. For The Comserve Group the internet has improved the flow of information around the company and between them and their customers. Engineers can submit their maintenance reports online while they are still out in the field and customers can have access to these reports via a custom built website. Information flows in minutes instead of days.

Of course the use of the internet comes with its own dangers and pitfalls and so AvecSys ensures The Comserve Group’s network is secure; their email is filtered to remove viruses and spam and their use of the World Wide Web is appropriate.

The last 5 years has seen the development of unified communications by leading networking companies like Cisco. As a Select Cisco partner, AvecSys has implemented this technology into The Comserve Group to reduce costs and improve the way they communicate internally and externally. This coupled with state of the art secure wireless technology has allowed flexibility in how and where (and even when) people work.

More recently we have introduced The Comserve Group to the technology of server virtualisation. This has resulted in the dual benefit of reducing hardware capital expenditure and maintenance costs while also providing a disaster recovery solution.

The buzz words in IT now are Cloud Computing and the challenge for AvecSys is to discover what that means for companies like The Comserve Group and how it can be best utilised to enhance their business.

Dr James Leo
[email protected]


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